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personal-assistanceAll our services are priced on an as-needed basis, with no hidden and unnecessary extras.

We offer project-based payment options for one-time, well-defined tasks like acquiring a particular business license, finding a suitable partner, recruiting staff, or setting up an office or warehouse.

For on-going support such as back office and secretarial services, financial controlling and planning, HR monitoring and consulting, sales representation or customer service, our clients can choose between pay-as-you-go (hourly) rates or flat monthly retainer fees.

For retainer contracts, we usually structure our prices in the following way:

Start-up costs:

  • Office rental: finding a suitable space, negotiating and concluding the rental agreement
  • Office set-up: installing internet, phone lines, buying and setting up furniture and other office equipment, arranging for property insurance and cleaning services
  • Recruitment: recruiting and hiring staff members based on your specifications and budget; drafting labor contracts and job descriptions

On-going costs:

  • Office rent, overhead and maintenance: rental fee, plus maintenance and utilities
  • Salaries for your staff: paid directly to the staff members based on payroll we provide
  • Supervision and back office support: provided by GAS based on our agreement
  • Accountancy: this is obligatory for all Bulgarian companies
  • Taxes: we will give you all calculations through a well-oiled reporting system

Trial period: GAS recommend a three-month starting period with higher supervision and guidance for your employees, after which we negotiate and settle into a routine cooperation.


    GAS Bulgaria is proud to be working with some of the best professionals on the market. In our line of business, the key is establishing a productive working relationship and information flow between our staff, our clients, our partners and the authorities. Want to know how we do it?


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