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Nominee services

Nominee services

The nominee services are used to protect the identity of the client, ensuring his privacy and discretion. This type of services give the opportunity to an individual to hire another person or legal entity to represent him/her.

Nominee services are a very useful strategy if you prefer your business plans not to be widely known. This is an option to maintain your company which ensures secure and stable management of your business.

Nominees are listed in your company’s documentation but they do not actually run your business. Our team can offer you services of a Nominated Director or a Nominated Shareholder.

In order to prevent the disclosure of personal data (such as names, addresses, passport numbers, telephone numbers, etc.), the nominее is the actual owner of the company and its role is intended to be used for security and confidentiality by protecting the personal information of the real owner of the company. The main advantage of nominal services is that the identity of the owner remains confidential, but he is entirely in charge for management and decision-making.


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