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Accounting and finance services in bulgaria

Accounting and finance services in bulgaria

When you are doing business in a foreign country, it is especially important to have a clear understanding of taxation and financial regulations as well as professionals keeping your books – this way you can keep your company compliant, avoid any unpleasant fines or difficulties, and ensure that your money gets budgeted and spent in the optimal way.


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In Bulgaria, all companies must submit regular accounting reports (in Bulgarian) from the date of their incorporation. We are aware that some countries are more flexible or lenient in this regard, so we would like to ensure that our clients are aware of their obligations when setting up a company in this country, and can (with our assistance) run a compliant operation.

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We provide accounting and financial services including bookkeeping, payroll, financial controlling, profit and loss calculations, cash flow projections and many more. All of our services focus on small and medium-size, foreigner-owned businesses. This specialisation, in combination with related areas of our activity (like business planning, incorporation, residency and work permits) yields a unique pool of knowledge and experience that no other service provider in Bulgaria can boast. Working with a senior accountant, junior colleagues, and – when needed – external specialists like VAT or customs experts, we are able to cover all your accounting needs in one place.

Accounting rates are based on your company’s business activity and volume, although all our packages include the work of an English-speaking, certified accountant and representation at the tax authority in case of inspections. We do our best to offer cost effective solutions to clients and will be happy to work with your staff to share the workload in an optimal way.

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    GAS Bulgaria is proud to be working with some of the best professionals on the market. In our line of business, the key is establishing a productive working relationship and information flow between our staff, our clients, our partners and the authorities. Want to know how we do it?


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