Niente parla più chiaramente della qualità del nostro lavoro e della dedizione del nostro team delle parole dei nostri clienti. Si prega di scorrere la nostra raccolta in continua espansione di feedback su tutto, dalle formazioni aziendali ai complessi progetti aziendali e di immigrazione. Affidarsi alla propria attività o al proprio trasferimento in un'agenzia in un paese straniero può essere scoraggiante, ma una volta che inizi a lavorare con GAS, la Bulgaria diventerà molto meno straniera! Siamo qui per te dal momento in cui inizi a pensare al tuo progetto, finché hai bisogno di noi.
Simone Nassimi

This company is really professional. They explain to you how things are in Bulgaria and they are very patient. Whenever you need them, once you’re a client, they’re out there for you. If you want to be represented in a professional way in bulgaria, choose them!

Fintech Millenium EOOD, Italy
Laurynas Subacius

They have made our HR selection both simple and successful and have made the whole process very enjoyable.

Laury Construction EOOD, Latvia
Koen Peeters

They are just the best!!! Very easy communication, you will not regret!

Soutio L. Eourope EOOD, Netherlands
C. M. Bakker.

Wij maken regelmatig gebruik van de diensten van GAS. Zeker in de seizoenen moeten wij beschikken over goede gemotiveerde mensen. Een telefoontje is genoeg om de juiste medewerkers in te kunnen zetten. Zei weet precies waar medewerkers die wij nodig hebben aan moeten voldoen. Door de goede samenwerking met GAS kunnen wij meer opdrachten uitvoeren. Het bedrijf ontzorgd ons van een personeels tekort. Dit werkt natuurlijk heel fijn.

Raminder Kaur Deol

Gas Bulgaria have provided me with everything I required to set-up and maintain my company, allowing me to focus on my work. I don’t know what I would do without them!

Nazdrave Trade EOOD
United Kingdom
Godwyn Rollocks

I would like to thank you very much for everything Melanie we really have a good feeling with you and we hope we can do a lot of business with you for the near future

We are also planning to have a physical company in Bulgaria where I am sure you can be part of it together with us.

DDProductions EOOD, Netherlands
Francesco Canzonieri

GAS is the only choice if you need to open a business in Bulgaria. A fast, efficient and professional team that assists you from A to Z, excellent!

GCDE Consultant EOOD, Italy
Michael Eriksson

GAS is always prompt to reply and eager to find quick solutions, adapting to our requests with flexibility.

Merlin Marine Solutions OOD, Sweden
Oktay Bogutekin

Ik vond dat alles heel erg goed is verlopen! De terugkoppeling gaat ook vrij snel! Ben zeer tevreden tot nu toe..

Rumeyza ventilation productds EOOD, Belgium
Katy Maggy Krief

With GAS, every detail was meticulously cared for; I only had to provide my documentation. It was a stress free experience and within 5 days, I became a Bulgarian resident!

K2 Business EOOD, France
Mohamed Iklil Tabbech

I can confirm that I experienced less bureaucratic hassles and my overall costs were much lower when compared with colleagues who used seemingly cheaper agencies.

Sofia Automania EOOD, France
Adam Carp

GAS are truly helpful and customer-focused. I have used their services on numerous occasions and have always been satisfied that I got value for money. If you have a problem to solve I would highly recommend talking to them.

Holo-Screen EOOD, Romania
Johan Patric Jansson

Besides company setup, GAS helped me and my wife with my successful application for residency in Bulgaria. I didn’t have to worry about anything while our papers were handled by GAS!

Unicorn Vision EOOD, Sweden
Vasilios Zoupounidis

After attempting to find some­one by advertising and by calling on head-hunters we turned to GAS. The results were absolutely amazing. Within a few days we had interviews with qualified individuals. We are very happy to work with the creative HR service of GAS!

Industrial Competence EOOD
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